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Instant Communication and Feedback

One of the biggest sources of frustation for business analysts and business stakeholders, is the endless hours of meetings where concepts are discussed, and captured on whiteboards, on paper, or into a spreadsheet. Stakeholders are asked to sign off on those concepts, without a concrete touch-and-feel experience of what will end up being a very tactile and interactive product. This usually leads to further meetings, disagreement, expensive change requests, frustration and in worst case scenarios, project failure.

With Protocoda, within seconds of capturing requirements into a spreadsheet, you and your clients can be interacting with a prototype generated from those requirements. On a PC, on a tablet, on a phone. Get immediate feedback, and sign-off on something your clients truly understand. When clients provide feedback, update your model and regenerate your prototype in front of them.

That's instant feeback. That's impressive

Build Relationships, not Paper Mountains

Traditional methods encourage a low trust approach to gathering, documenting and approving requirements. In the worst cases, clients can be asked to sign off on mountains of paperwork that they don't understand, which don't address their real needs, and which are too convoluted and imprecise to be clearly understood by those tasked with implementing the solution. Who wins here? No one except the paper companies

Protocoda encourages frequent interaction between analysts, designers, developers and clients, around an interface that is easily understood and used by all parties. Protocoda is the perfect tool to input into rapid development approaches, which in turn result in the real product being in the client's hands in record time, with minimal variation from the original prototype

Save the trees. Save the world. And save your project!

Focus on your clients, their requirements and data, not art

If you have used prototyping tools before, you'll know they are a lot like drawing packages. Whether they aim to simulate rough sketches, or pixel perfect screen likenesses, they're all about positioning controls and images, which is a distraction from focussing on core client requirements around data and rules.

Protocoda implements standard layouts, designs and screen flows so you can focus on core client requirements, knowing Protocoda will produce a great looking, responsibe and mobile friendly prototype for you.

That's focussing on what's important. That's clever

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Create a Clickable Prototype in 3 Easy Steps

  • 1
    Download and Modify the Prototype Excel Definition Template Example with Your Own Data
  • 2
    Upload Your Application Definition Workbook to Generate Prototype
  • 3
    View and Interact with Your Generated Application Prototype

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Sign up for a Free One Month Trial Today. No Payment Details Required!

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